While we dance, they die. While we club, they are condemned…Ugandan Queers under attack!

After much deliberation and frustration from some other members of the Queer community who see the liberation movement as something that is to push for the liberation of Queers worldwide and not just focusing on the “right/rite” to assimilation; the matter of the oppression of Queers in Uganda should be brought into the mainstream of the Queer Activist Arena in Australia at least.

So we can put the Equal Love (Marriage Equality) campaign aside for just a little bit so we can get the message out about Ugandan Queers.

Uganda proposed an Anti-Homosexuality Bill on 13 October 2009 that would, if enacted, broaden the criminalisation of homosexuality in Uganda by introducing the death penalty for people who are considered serial offenders, are suspected of “aggravated homosexuality” and are HIV-positive, or who engage in sexual acts with those under 18 years of age. People who are caught or suspected of homosexual activity will be forced to undergo HIV tests; Ugandans who engage in same-sex sexual relations outside Uganda will likewise fall under the jurisdiction of this law, and may be extradited and charged with a felony. Furthermore, if passed, the bill will require anyone who is aware of an offense or an offender, including individuals, companies, media organisations, or NGOs who support LGBTI rights, to report the offender within 24 hours. If an individual does not do so he or she is also considered an offender and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 “currency points” or imprisonment up to three years.

Because Western governments have put pressure onto Uganda – threatening to cut financial aid – the Ugandan government removed the death penalty measure in exchange for life imprisonment.

Prior to all of this extension of anti-Queer repression, homosexuality in Uganda was punishable by14 years in prison.

The evangelists and other Christian groups have hurried to this opportunity like flies to shit, to set back Queer Liberation in Africa.

This is a call out to all Queers who have vision past the bullshit that is peddled by the mainstream Gay&Lesbian Rights Lobbies in Australia that Marriage Equality is the be all and end all.

This is a call to action. Get the fuck out there and organise; even if it means sticker bombs on walls, graffitti in bathrooms, standing in the street with a large placard on the corner where the public can see you (have leaflets made to hand to them if they want more info), writing letters into the papers and mainstream Gay media calling for action. Bring this issue into the mainstream where it can be heard and hopefully addressed.

Act up! Disrupt! Bash Back!


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