Pride March Victoria 2010: Call up for First action for the year.

Members/supporters of BashBackMelbourne and other Queer Anarchists will be present in this year’s Pride March in Melbourne. This is more about making our presence known to the local community. Visibility is a good thing.

The Pink&Black assembly will be meeting from 12noon next to where the VIXEN (Victoria Sex Industry Network) crew will be hanging out. Look out for the Pink&Black flag and if you are trying to find VIXEN, chances are they will have all sorts of red umbrellas open.

The groups that march in Pride meet at the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

Bring signs, flags, partners, friends, affinity groups, picnic stuff, boom-box etc.

The march starts at 2pm and re-groups at Catani Gardens down the road.

Hope to see some people there…again this is a call up.


One Response to “Pride March Victoria 2010: Call up for First action for the year.”

  1. juniper Says:

    Friends of Dorothy (FOD) calls for submissions for a new radical queer zine focusing on gentrification tentatively titled “Hey Girl Get Out, or Why Housing is a Queer Issue”

    FOD is an autonomous group of radical queers in Columbus, Ohio dedicated to fighting the consequences of global capitalism and imperialism by working in solidarity with low/no income multi-racial communities struggling for collective liberation. Currently we are joining up with Columbus Housing Justice to challenge the ongoing gentrification happening in our city – creating this zine is our first step in providing our community (locally and more broadly) a tangible resource for building our collective Resilience, Resistance, and ability to Re-imagine.

    It’s no surprise to us that the assimilationist, consumer-driven mainstream gay community has played and continues to play a large role in the displacement of low-income and working class communities and communities of color – including members of the LGBT community. This is certainly the case here in Columbus as highlighted in the 2003 documentary “Flag Wars”.

    We’re currently looking for essays, articles, news, poems, art, stories, and interviews that highlight our major themes for this zine which include: The history of gay-driven gentrification in the U.S., queer struggles for economic / housing justice, community centered alternatives to gentrification, and success stories highlighting queer & multi-racial working class organizing efforts. That said, If you have other ideas for topics, please don’t let this hold you back!!! Ultimately we want to create a zine that uses the issue of gentrification as a means to support the queer community in developing a deeper anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and queer liberationist praxis for economic and housing justice.
    Our submission deadline is February 28th – the zine is scheduled to be out in by April. Submissions my be sent to

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